About Runiversalis

Runiversalis (abbr. Runi) is a new Russian universal encyclopedia.

Basic principles

  • Runiversalis is a part of the available free-content universal encyclopedias that are online and have a wiki software.
  • Runiversalis honors copyright and is distributed under a free CC BY-SA 3.0 license.
  • Runiversalis supports the movement to create Internet projects that provide free access to knowledge for all people of the Earth.
  • The work on the Runiversalis Encyclopedia is finite and infinite. On the one hand, the number of topics on which articles can be written is potentially infinite, editing has no burning deadlines, and there is no limit to perfection. On the other hand, articles that form complete topics and brought to a high level of quality will be issued in volumes of the Runiversalis Encyclopedia in book format.
  • Runiversalis is a community of editors united by high aspirations for the dissemination of knowledge and working in a spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and goodwill.
  • Runiversalis was created by a group of contributors with significant experience in Wikipedia; the creators of Runiversalis consider the content of Russian Wikipedia to be property of the entire Runet, and not property of a private American foundation (Wikimedia).
  • At the current stage, Runiversalis articles are linked to resources of Wikimedia Foundation projects (images from Wikimedia Commons, texts from Wikisource), but in the future a completely stand-alone version of the encyclopedia will be created, which does not require inserts from third-party projects. It will be available for download and use by everyone.
  • The pages of the Runiversalis Encyclopedia, whose servers are located in Russia, are edited in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and with respect for traditional values, from the position of which the content and structure of articles affecting non-traditional, innovative and marginal trends in the life of human society are built.

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